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Exploring HyFlex and Blended Synchronous Program Delivery (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
August 6, 2021

This July 22, 2021 webinar explored the terms HyFlex and Blended Synchronous and offered examples of three LINC providers’ trials, pros and cons and equipment used for the method. HyFlex stands for Hybrid Flexible and is being used as a term to describe simultaneous in-person and remote program service delivery, particularly for LINC classes.

The webinar supports organizational leaders with awareness of human resources, training and equipment required to plan to offer Blended Synchronous programming. It also supports program managers, LINC instructors and other frontline workers with understanding the nuances of how this model may be integrated under different circumstances.

The presentations: 

  • defined key terms and background statistics
  • shared examples of technology used such as audio and visual equipment, platforms, Learning Management Systems (LMS), diagrams, images and video of trial set-ups and actualized technology set ups
  • provided important aspects to consider such as human resource costs, physical spacing recommendations for rooms, & troubleshooting tips
  • identified pros and cons of using HyFlex such as the intensive training and human resources required.
  • included levels for whom the format is being used (Literacy to CLB 8)


Wendy Zarr is the LINC Program Coordinator, PBLA Lead and currently the only CLB Assessor in the Vernon & District Immigrant and Community Services Society (VDICSS) service area. Working in the LINC program at VDICSS since moving back to Canada in 2008, Wendy wears many hats, as is common in rural agencies. She has experience teaching all levels, from Literacy to CLB 8, often all in the same class. She has been researching and testing HyFlex delivery since early 2021 and hopes to begin implementing it this September. 

Donna Clarke is a literacy instructor and the lead for the Literacy Centre of Expertise at TIES (The Immigrant Education Society) in Calgary. She has been working with Literacy learners for more than ten years and advocates for more research and training to better serve their unique needs. Donna is part of the team at TIES piloting hybrid delivery for two literacy classes. She will share the learnings from this pilot including a video of the action.

Gerald Halabura is a language instructor and LINC Head Teacher at the Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society in Nanaimo, B.C. Gerald taught LINC 5 and 6 on-line through the COVID-19 lockdown period, and is currently working on developing CVIMS’ HyFlex classroom options for the fall. Previous to joining CVIMS in 2015, Gerald was a LINC Instructor, Program Manager and Department Chair of several language and educational programs in Calgary, Alberta. Gerald currently lives on Protection Island, with his spouse and four cats.

In this session AMSSA was not endorsing a Blended Synchronous delivery approach but is instead creating space for providers to share their learnings so far.

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