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Do nonprofits lead the private sector in digital engagement? The answer might surprise you.

The answer is yes, by the way.

Slide image showing how nonprofits lead the private sector in digital engagement

According to a new report from (the nonprofit arm of Twilio), 89% of nonprofits say digital communications are critical to achieving their organization's mission. And, while this is the case, much still needs to be done in nonprofits to move towards successful digital transformation. Importantly, there is a gap between how nonprofit stakeholders and clients want to engage digitally with nonprofits and the reality of that engagement.

Slide showing percentage of program participants who want to engage with nonprofits digitally and how many say nonprofits are actually engaging them in this way’s new report, The State of Nonprofit Digital Engagement provides an overview of:

  • How nonprofits are outpacing the private sector in digital engagement
  • What program participants and beneficiaries expect from nonprofit communications
  • The main ways nonprofits can get started building modern communications into their programs

Their data comes from three sources:

  • Data from Twilio's customer engagement platform
  • The responses of 800 nonprofit employees across the US and UK
  • The opinions of 1,500 program participants across the US and UK (defined as people who accessed benefits or services from one or more nonprofits in the past 12 months, and used one or more digital communications channels to communicate with a nonprofit)

Can this data be considered similar to the Canadian experience? Definitely. There is much to learn from this report for Canadian nonprofits as well. There is plenty of research to show similar findings.

Watch a webinar summarizing their research and the implications for nonprofits:

Download presentation slides.

Read and download the report:

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