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Replicate a successful Digital Device Lending Library Program

By: Marco Campana
September 12, 2022

Like many organizations, in response to the pandemic, 2Life Communities built an accessible, community-supported, user-friendly Digital Device Lending Library (DDLL) for low-income elders who have little to no experience with technology. They created a replicable model for effectively connecting linguistically diverse, low-income older adults to services, programs, and each other through technology.

The 2Life DDLL Model contains three main components, each of which tackles a corresponding level of the digital divide:

  1. infrastructure
  2. instruction
  3. socialization

The library of DDLL documents contains two sections:

  1. Infrastructure Guidelines that support your ability to replicate the technology infrastructure for a DDLL
  2. Instruction Guidelines that support your ability to replicate the instructional component of the DDLL

Based on your agency’s unique needs and resources, you may choose to replicate only the infrastructure module, the instruction module, or both modules.

The handouts designed for seniors are available in five languages in addition to English: Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Cape Verdean Creole, and Russian.

Page 5 of this PDF document has all the links you need.

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