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Long report you don't have time to read? Convert it into a chatbot and ask it questions!

By: Marco Campana
April 4, 2023

The Ask Your PDF AI site allows you to "Upload your PDFs, and instantly transform them into conversational partners that are just as knowledgeable as the content they're based on. Engage with your documents like never before, and extract valuable insights with ease."

So I tried it with a document/report I had a hand in writing.

Ummm, it's really good.


Below is a screencast of me using the tool in real-time to ask it about a report I was part of helping create: The Future is Now: Strengthening High-Quality, Inclusive and Innovative Hybrid Service Delivery (2022). I emphasize real-time so you can see how quickly the file uploads and immediately provides a summary and access to a conversation about it...

Below the video, I've embedded the chat I had, which the site prompts you to download.

Knowledge Mobilizer game changer?

It's not perfect. But for a report I know inside and out, it's really good. Like really good.

This means it's a useful starting point for me to quickly review a report to get the gist and important points. I can then skim and read more deeply. It will also allow me to write and post report summaries here on my site and elsewhere more quickly.

Caveat: I don't recommend you share any documents with personal or private information that you wouldn't want to see out in public. Treat this site as if you're putting something on a public website.

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