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The Role of Technology in Innovative Immigration Systems (webinar recording)

How are technology and data are being used to enable innovative immigration systems? To ensure that Alberta continues to grow as an economic engine in Western Canada through COVID-19, the development of innovative immigration systems is critically important. This 2020 Civic Tech Calgary session provides an overview of Immigrant Services Calgary's new system for streamlining services for newcomers among multiple service providers in Alberta called Gateway Canada.

Gateway is a client-friendly platform that gives newcomers an individualized plan with one access point to the entire network of services available. Data will then be collected to measure impacts and share insights between organizations so they can keep improving their services.


Hyder Hassan is the CEO of Immigrant Services Calgary, which unleashes the economic, social, and civic potential of newcomers looking to begin their lives in Canada. He spent 15 years in various financial roles at leading Canadian Institutions and was most recently Head of Wealth for Qtrade Financial before joining Immigrant Services Calgary. He is co-founder of Fullsoul Canada, a not-for-profit equipping hospitals in Uganda with medical supplies. Mr. Hassan is a Calgary top 40 under 40, member of the Rotary Club of Calgary Fish Creek and a council member on the Premier’s council on charities & civil society. He holds a Bachelor of Arts, Management Studies from the University of Waterloo, 3 financial designations, Public Leadership Credential at the Kennedy School of Government (candidate), a certificate in project management from York University, and a certificate in financial markets from Yale School of Management.

Daniel Wu is the Newcomer Platform Lead at Immigrant Services Calgary with a background in computer science and interdisciplinary studies. His work includes developing and leveraging technology in settlement service delivery. He has created the “Welcome to Alberta” app, which is the first smartphone app for immigrants and refugees. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science with extensive experience in cyber security, software development, data analysis, and cloud computing. He has been invited to participate in a number of national events as a keynote speaker.

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