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AI in Digital Equity: Time for a Community Conversation (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
January 22, 2024

In this January 2024 webinar, the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) brought their community together to host an AI and digital inclusion discussion. Topics included an overview of AI, generative AI, use cases for generative AI, risks and considerations, and resources to continue to educate yourself.

From the session description:

"Within the NDIA community, we have early adopters, technologists who dove in headfirst, those who have only touched the tip of the AI iceberg, people who have read hundreds of ethics concerns and are fearful, and a lot of us who are in between or might not even know where to start.

Wherever you’re in your AI journey, it’s time for a digital inclusion community discussion. What we know for sure is that AI will cause another digital divide, or further exacerbate the one we already have.

NDIA will help guide the community in some learning, start the conversation, and hear your thoughts about AI and digital inclusion."

You might also find this NDIA backgrounder useful: What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean for Digital Equity?

  • Digital Skills Training Programs Are Essential for People to Safely and Confidently Use AI
  • Grassroots Based Advocacy Supports Responsible, Meaningful Regulation
  • Successful Digital Navigation Services Are Built on Trust

View/download presentation slides:

View/download additional resources shared from the session:

At their recent Net Inclusion conference, NDIA also had a relevant panel discussion on the topic:

AI & Digital Equity: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly+


  • Moderator: Angela Siefer (NDIA)
  • Panelist: Amina Fazlullah (Common Sense)
  • Panelist: Luke Swarthout (InnovateEDU)
  • Panelist: Trey Causey (Indeed)
  • Panelist: Victor Villegas (Oregon State University)

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