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‘Doing’ Digital Inclusion. Participation! Action! Digital stuff! (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
January 22, 2024

In this November 2023 INCLUDE+ workshop, Irene Mackintosh, part of the team of Mhor Collective, explored how digital inclusion work is at its most meaningful when it’s part of real holistic support. Drawing on her experience of supporting organisations which work directly with people currently using drugs, and people experiencing homelessness, she talked about how, sometimes, support with no agenda is exactly the right agenda when it comes to digital inclusion, and how relational approaches, with love-as-standard, can change everything.

Session description:

Irene Mackintosh is one of two founding managing directors of Mhor Collective, a community interest company based in Scotland. Mhor views digital inequality as a social justice issue, and understands how the digital space impacts on people’s human rights. Mhor Collective has worked on a significant number of projects in Scotland and beyond (including Connecting Scotland, Get Digital Scotland, Digital Lifelines and Geo Nova Scotia). Working with committed and passionate organisations, Mhor co-designs, develops, delivers and evaluates digital inclusion projects.

Irene is also particularly interested in how participatory action research approaches can help people who are marginalised and stigmatised not only to develop digital skills and understanding, but to take more control of their lives and advocate for change.

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