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Hybrid Education Literacy Learning Optimization (HELLO) lunch and learn series (webinar recording)

By: Marco Campana
January 22, 2024

The Research & Program Development Department at The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) presented this November 2023 webinar series exploring the use of technology and hybrid delivery in ESL literacy classrooms.

This series as part of a three-year project called the Hybrid Education Literacy Learning Optimization (HELLO) Study.

Each short webinar delves into a different aspect of hybrid delivery for literacy learners, from understanding the basics, to exploring resources and activities for hybrid delivery, to considering hybrid delivery as an equity policy to meet your learners' complex needs.

Literacy Lunch & Learn 1: Literacy Students in Hybrid Spaces

This webinar tackles bringing literacy learners into digital and hybrid spaces. Presenters delve into the world of literacy learners, exploring their characteristics and the importance of hybrid modes of delivery as an equity policy. No matter what level you teach, consider steps you can take for your learners. At lower levels, they discuss developing digital literacy in person. At mid-high levels, they share tools for moving your students online.

Literacy Lunch & Learn 2: Resources & Activities for Literacy Students in Hybrid Spaces

This sessions looks at the practical aspects of hybrid literacy instruction. Learn about essential equipment and digital platforms that can elevate your online teaching experience, discover a range of valuable resources that can enrich your hybrid teaching, and explore activities tailored for all levels of literacy.

Literacy Lunch & Learn 3: Equity and the Personal Hybrid Learning Plan

The final webinar in the series unpacks the impact of hybrid delivery as an equity policy, shaping the future of literacy education. Explore the pivotal role that teachers can play in creating an equitable learning environment by considering learners’ diverse backgrounds and needs. Delve into your organization’s responsibilities, ranging from policy to infrastructure.

Download their Toolkit for Hybrid Instruction for Adult Literacy Learners
(The Immigrant Education Society. (2023). Toolkit for sustainable hybrid instruction for adult literacy learners: Balancing flexibility & structure.

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