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Post Metropolis conference discussion about digital and innovation in the sector (webinar recording)

Metropolis happened. Maybe you went. Maybe you didn't. Either way, you're interested in following up on some of the digital, tech, comms, hybrid discussions that started there, presentations that happened and will never be shared beyond the room they took place in, or you're just curious about what interesting things other folks are doing. On April 3, 2024 some of us got together to chat and share.

Consider it a post-conference-even-if-you-didn't-attend review. There is a ton of programming and new projects with technology recently. What has been successful/not successful as SPOs have adopted hybrid?

This video captured some quick presentations and reflections as well as our discussion. There is much more to explore in the sector We'll hold more discussions in the future, hope you can join us!


  • Shay Sharma - reflections on the conference
  • Matthew Dunlop - WE Value Partnership & Digital Transformation project
  • Darcy MacCallum - figuring out how to make an LLM AI make sense for them
  • Isar Nejadgholi - creating an AI literacy guidebook for newcomers and a set of recommendations for tech stakeholders on how they should go about building customized, safe, and reliable information delivery systems for newcomers
  • Sheetal Lodhia - Blueprint's session Program Evaluation: Supporting improvements in newcomer services through evidence generation

Here are some useful links that were shared in conversation and in the session chat:

Some slide decks used at Metropolis were shared, which you can access below.

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