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Code for Canada's Digital Capacity Assessment (webinar recording)

This December 2021 Code for Canada workshop shared their new Digital Capacity Assessment tool for government teams. Building on the work of Public Digital and the Harvard Kennedy School, the tool helps public servants identify the digital competencies that are most important in their unique contexts.


The term ‘digital transformation’ implies a journey, an evolution on a spectrum of less digital to more digital. But how do you assess how digital your team or department already is, and how do you prioritize the skills and capacities that will move you furthest along that spectrum?

This workshop was first presented at FWD50. In this session, presenters introduce the Digital Capacity Assessment and help attendees apply it to their own departments and projects. Participants will get an early glimpse of the tool, and actually contribute to its testing and development. They’ll leave with a renewed sense of how to think critically about digital transformation in their roles.


  • Dorothy Eng, Executive Director, Code for Canada
  • Merlin Chatwin, Executive Director, Open North

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