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Complete list of IRCC SDI-funded projects for 2020

By: Marco Campana
September 12, 2022

IRCC has released the full list of projects funded under their 2020 Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) funding call.

You can find the full list below. Unfortunately it's not organized by specific funding stream, but they were:

  1. Leveraging Technologies to Support Remote Service Delivery
  2. Testing Increased Employer Involvement in Settlement Services to Improve Employment Outcomes
  3. Supporting Settlement Sector Resilience and Adaptability through Social Research & Development, Building Evidence and Enhancing Anti-Racism Capacity.

You can download the full list in PDF and Excel formats:

The spreadsheet is also embedded below.

Official release from IRCC in English and French

As part of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) ongoing efforts to disseminate information on the Service Delivery Improvement (SDI) funding envelope and projects, we are pleased to share with you the list of the SDI 2020 projects. These projects will explore how to better integrate newcomers within their new communities and support the settlement sector as it recovers from the pandemic.

Following the launch of the SDI funding process in 2020/2021, approximately 80 contribution agreements have been finalized in recent months, with all projects scheduled to end no later than March 31, 2024. The funding guidelines for the SDI 2020 Expression of Interest process may be found here:

In the attached list, you will find the name of the organization, the title and a brief description of the project, as well as the province/territory in which the funding recipient is based. A revised list will be distributed in the coming months when the remaining contribution agreements are signed.

We hope that this project list will facilitate collaboration and discussion of the innovative approaches being tested, and we encourage you to contact the organization responsible for the project(s) that are of interest to you for more information. Should you have any questions about the project list or SDI in general, please contact

The Settlement and Integration Policy Social Innovation unit



Dans le cadre des efforts continus d’Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada (IRCC) pour diffuser l'information sur l'enveloppe de financement et les projets de l’Amélioration de la prestations des services (APS), nous sommes heureux de partager avec vous la liste des projets de l’APS. Ces projets exploreront comment mieux intégrer les nouveaux arrivants dans leurs nouvelles communautés et soutenir le secteur de l'établissement, alors qu'il se remet de la pandémie.

À la suite du lancement du processus de financement APS 2020 en 2020/2021, près de 80 ententes de contribution ont été finalisées au cours des derniers mois, tous les projets financés devant se terminer au plus tard le 31 mars 2024. Les directives de financement pour le processus de déclaration d'intérêt de l’APS 2020 peuvent être trouvées ici :

Dans la liste ci-jointe, vous trouverez le nom de l'organisme, le titre et une brève description du projet, ainsi que la province/territoire dans laquelle le bénéficiaire du financement est basé. Une liste révisée sera distribuée dans les mois à venir, lorsque les ententes de contribution restantes seront signées.

Nous espérons que cette liste de projets vous permettra de faciliter la collaboration et la discussion des approches novatrices testées, et nous vous invitons à contacter l'organisme responsable du ou des projets qui vous intéressent pour plus d'information. Si vous avez des questions sur la liste des projets ou sur l'APS en général, veuillez contacter

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