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Top 20 articles and reports on KM4S for 2023

By: Marco Campana
January 5, 2024

As I look forward into 2024, I thought I'd look back. In 2023 I posted 146 articles, 28 publications, and 5 good ideas on this site. That's not enough publications and good ideas, given how much is out there, and how much folks in the sector want, need, and like to hear about interesting projects and insightful resources. My goal for 2024 would be to post more of those.

My site is pretty niche and doesn't get tonnes of traffic. I hear occasionally from some folks that they find it useful. So I'll continue, since I find it useful to post, think out loud, share interesting stuff, and create a repository of digital content for the Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector.

Below are the top 20 pieces of content my visitors read in 2023. Most were posted in 2023, but it's neat to see a few posts from 2022 and even 2021 there. 

I haven't done any real analysis, but a clear trend that jumps out at me is that folks in the Immigrant and Refugee-serving sector want to understand where their main and largest funder, IRCC, is when it comes to digital priorities. 

That's not surprising. 

IRCC is a fairly closed door when it comes to this information, apart from the odd conference presentation and report. Near the end of 2023 I was getting pretty pissy about IRCC, their lack of transparency and guidance to the sector around digital transformation, and how much they've ignored the sector (yes, in spite of their occasional sector consultations). Sector leadership is also pretty weak in this area, so it's a shared failure. 

I'll try to remove some of my tone from posts and presentations this year. I can't promise anything, because it feels like we've been slamming our heads against the wall about transparency and digital transformation for over 2 decades. But, as I mentioned above, there are many good ideas to be shared out there. I'll try to focus more on that and stay positive.

In case it's of interest, here are the top 20 pieces of content on my site according to site visitors.

  1. IRCC's Priorities, Changes, and Approach for the 2024 Call for Proposals
  2. Smartphone apps for migration and settlement in Canada - the current landscape
  3. The countdown begins: decoding IRCC's national Call for Proposals and its implications for sector digital transformation
  4. Digital literacy training and opportunities for Newcomers
  5. Evaluating your hybrid services, there's a toolkit for that
  6. The Future is Now: Strengthening High-Quality, Inclusive and Innovative Hybrid Service Delivery (2022)
  7. IRCC Consultation report leading up to the next National Call for Proposals
  8. What knowledge, skills and attitudes do settlement workers need in the digital era?
  9. Canadian Diversity: Technology in the Settlement Sector (2023)
  10. Digital Supports in the 2024 IRCC CFP - what you should be looking for
  11. Truth and Reconcilitation - moving beyond land acknowledgement performances
  12. Canadian podcasts focused on immigration & diversity
  13. Digital Navigators - a vital emerging role in your organization?
  14. Addressing digital equity & the digital divide in the immigrant and refugee-serving sector
  15. Digital in the IRCC CFP - a summary and some recommendations
  16. WES Global Talent Bridge Research Summaries
  17. Client Management Solutions For IRCC-Funded Settlement Agencies (2022)
  18. Digital Equity and Inclusion Networks in Canada. What am I missing?
  19. 2023 Settlement Outcomes Report
  20. Remote service delivery and the path forward - a 2021 IRCC presentation

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