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DiverseCity Counts Reports

By: Marco Campana
December 20, 2020

DiverseCity Counts features research that studies the levels and impact of diversity in leadership. The reports shed light on the representation of visible minorities and under-represented immigrants across sectors and reveal to us where progress is being made and where we’re falling behind.

Eight reports were created:

DiverseCity Counts 1: A Snapshot of Diversity in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) (2009)
The first annual research report measuring diversity among leaders in the GTA analyzed a total of 3,257 leaders in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham and Richmond Hill including elected officials, public sector executives, members of agencies, boards and commissions, as well as a sample of the largest voluntary and business organizations as determined by revenue.

DiverseCity Counts 2: A Snapshot of Diversity in the Greater Toronto Area with a focus on the media (2010)
DiverseCity Counts measures on an annual basis the number of visible minorities in leadership positions in elected office, the public sector, the corporate sector, agencies, boards, and commissions, the voluntary sector, and the education sector.

DiverseCity Counts 3: A Snapshot of Diversity in the Greater Toronto Area with a focus on the legal sector (2011)
DiverseCity Counts has measured the number of visible minorities in positions of leadership in the largest and most influential employment sectors in the GTA. In 2011 there was a gradual, but significant, increase (8%) in the diversity of GTA leaders over the last three years.

DiverseCity Counts 4: The Electoral Under-Representation of Visible Minorities (2012)
The focus of this paper is on the electoral participation of visible minorities as both candidates for public office and winners of such positions.

DiverseCity Counts 5: Leadership Diversity in the Nonprofit Sector - Baby Steps, Big Strides, and Bold Stances (2012)
This research examines board diversity in the nonprofit sector, as well as the impact of this diversity.

DiverseCity Counts 6: Supplier Diversity in the GTA - Business Case and Best Practices (2012)
This research examines whether, why and how organizations have embraced diversity in their purchasing and supply chain strategies, policies and practices.

DiverseCity Counts 7: Public Opinion on Diverse GTA Leadership - Research Findings and the Path Forward (2013)
In the spring of 2013 DiverseCity contracted Nanos Research to conduct a first-time public opinion poll of residents in municipalities across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) on the topic of diversity in leadership.

DiverseCity Counts 8: A Snapshot of Diverse Leadership in the Health Care Sector (2013)
This research examines diversity on boards and in senior management of health care institutions in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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